Company Profile

Franjieh Eon Angelo Tiu
Chairman/ President

Eon is a product of De La Salle University - College of St. Benilde with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. After graduating, he then joined their self-made and very successful family business. At the onset, Eon took reign over their distribution company specializing in consumer products covering the whole Panay Island. Seeing the tremendous growth Eon has brought to their company, the Board decided to manufacture their own consumer products to maximize their bottom line. The company’s growth skyrocketed to levels beyond expectations. It expanded its operation nationwide. By and large, the manufacturing company where is the Vice President of Sales & Operations, has gained a foothold in the food industry, playing a major role in our economy. At present, they are percolating on the idea to distribute their products Asean-wide. Eon also sits as a Board of Director of their other businesses - Hotels, Housing and Land Development to name a few. At present, Eon is the Chairman and President of MEGA Corp. Eon invested in the company because he believes that this business can uplift the lives of Filipino people towards financial freedom.

Mr. Jayme "Jojo" J. Jalandoni Jr. 
Managing Director

Mr. Jayme “Jojo” Jalandoni Jr. started his working career as an entrepreneur through various endeavours such as; but not limited to farm management, real estate, insurance, food production to name a few. He then shifted gear and joined the corporate world through a top corporation in the country as a Regional Sales Manager for nine (9) years to hone his executive and managerial skills. After gaining enough wisdom and knowledge from the corporate world, he went back to become a more skillful and adept businessman, engaging mostly in network marketing and development of consumable products.

Jeffrey Luke Yu Martinez
Director- Chief Finance Officer

Jeffrey is only 28 years old, a loving and supportive husband, a father of two and a devout Christian. He was not “born with a silver spoon on his mouth” as the saying goes, but as a perennial optimist, he has built from humble beginnings, his empire through the “loading” business, a multimillion peso business in the country today. Indeed, his experience putting in “hard work” coupled with honesty and integrity in his business dealings has paid off and made him financially free. All the hardships and failures in life made him to resolve to do better and did not stop him to become who and what he is today. A year ago, he became a Business Center Owner of a network marketing company; he learned to appreciate the real beauty and the unlimited possibilities of network marketing business; more so with a quality product such as Vitamin C in sodium ascorbate form. He studied the business model, understood it, nurtured it and loved it! He was amazed at the potential of a product to help build people’s lives and dreams. Jeffrey is one of the major shareholders of MEGA Corp. He sits in the Board of the company as Chief Finance Officer.

Rommel "Mhomz" J. Cuadra
Director- VP Sales & Marketing

Mhomz as he is fondly called, is a BSBA Marketing graduate of U.P. in the Visayas, Iloilo City. He became a hardware owner right after graduation and is truly an entrepreneur by heart. Mhomz joined the exciting world of the networking marketing business 10 years ago, with legitimate MLM Companies in the country that offered business opportunities to all Filipinos. Not the type to be satisfied easily and rest on his laurels, Mhomz prides himself as always a top-grosser in the networking business. He excels because of his leadership, entrepreneurial skills, amiable and friendly management style. But more than anything, Mhomz gives a premium on his ability to help others and better their lives. He is also engaged in the computer business with several internet shops and ink refilling under his portfolio. Mhomz decided to invest in MEGA Corp. because he believes that the only way to drive the economy is by way of entrepreneurship and that credible networking is really the business of the future. Mhomz is the Vice President for Sales and Marketing and a member of the Board of MEGA Corp.

Nestor "Aboy" B. Evaristo
Director- Business Consultant

Aboy Evaristo, a graduate of UP Diliman started his career with a local drug company as a sales representative based in Bacolod City. In 1992, tired of being an employee for 10 years, he decided to change his destiny by starting a small food stall near one of the city’s public market. Together with his wife Del, they built Aboy’s Restaurant into one of the most successful eating destination in Bacolod City. He decided to invest in MEGA Corp. because he believes in his heart that the company is offering a genuine opportunity for ordinary Filipinos to have their own business without the usual problem of start up capital. Aboy sits in the Board of the company as the Business Consultant.

Cynthia Suelto- Gavile
Director- Business Development
Ms. Cynthia S. Gavile is a direct selling expert who used to work as a corporate accountant for RFM. Her entrepreneurial skills was further honed when she transferred to Fil-Estate Group of Companies – her record of 10 billion in sales remains unbeaten up to this day. When the real estate industry experienced a downturn after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the World Trade incident in 2001, she decided to shift to direct selling business. It was in direct selling that she discovered a very potent yet very expensive wellness product coming from USA. The product was sold in bulk. Like switching on a light bulb, an idea was born out of Cynthia’s mind. She contacted a laboratory so that she can sell the wellness product in capsule form. She knew well that the Philippines is a predominantly retail market and the product therefore had the best chance of selling in retail, which means selling it in capsule form. When she noticed the strong repeat order, she decided to source the raw materials and in the process, she got a better and cheaper source. She decided to create a brand name, registered it with BFAD, and had it toll processed. She named it after the acronym of the Company she formed with several investors, the Filipino Entrepreneurs Network Inc., which is also as FERN-C. Ms. Gavile firmly believes that Vitamin C in “sodium ascorbate” form is a must for everyone. And because everybody must take it, the product has an unlimited potential. Now, she recently formed Mega Entrepreneurs Global Alliance Corporation with the young and vibrant investors found herein. MEGA Corp has an improved marketing plan, improved product in capsules. And looking forward, the company will introduce other products variants – the sodium ascorbate for kids, like the flavored sachets and chewables.